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New Features in Acumen Software - Weather Modeling, Trend Analysis and the new Risk Adviser™

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Jenn Weber
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Acumen is pleased to announce a major upgrade to both Acumen Fuse® and Acumen Risk™

Acumen Fuse New Features

  • Logic Sensitivity™: With Logic Sensitivity analysis you can now identify how potential delays affect key activities or milestones in the project. Choose an activity, set the amount of delay to simulate, and immediately see how this impacts your target activity or milestone!
  • Trend Analysis™: Gain insight into project trending using the new Trend Analysis™ feature. Switch the traditional Phase Analyzer to a side-by-side comparison of project snapshots to see how schedule quality is improving or track progress with each schedule update.

View the full Acumen Fuse 4.1 release or request a free trial at: Acumen Fuse 4.1

Acumen Risk New Features

  • The Risk Adviser™: The Risk Adviser speeds up the risk-loading process making faster, easier and more accurate.  Let the adviser recommend uncertainty assignments based on schedule quality, past performance, an Acumen Fuse® metric, or even a field within the schedule. Easily apply the recommended uncertainties to the full project or to select activities.
  • Weather and Calendar-Based Risk Event Modeling: Acumen Risk™ now includes weather modeling! Use this new feature to include the impact of risk events that are tied to a period of time such as hurricane season or a frozen sea giving you the most accurate look at your project’s risk exposure.
  • Risk-Based Schedule Scenarios: With Acumen Risk 4.1, you can generate new schedule scenarios based on either the risk inputs or the results of a risk analysis. 

View the full Acumen Risk 4.1 release or request a free trial at: Acumen Risk 4.1