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BIM (5D Cost Modelling) & Forensic Claim Analysis

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Sankar Vijayan
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Dear All,

I am a Master degree student & also a Project Management Professional of 10years of experiance in Project Controlling.

I am thinking of a theisis  about Impact of BIM in forensic claim analysis as a part of my studies. It would be really greatefull ,if some one can give suggestions about the latest ot future potential of using BIM in Forensic analysis.Can it solve any existing gaps preveling in Construction Industry.I would like to focus  on 4D &  5D intergrated  modelling & its impact of Claim management .It it possible to develop a BIM framework for delay analysis & cost claims.


Kind Regards

Sankar Vijayan


Mike Testro
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Hi Sankar

Contact Asta PowerProject for the latest BIM demonstration.

It can be developed for delay analysis.

Best regards

Mike Testro