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Schedule Analytics Software Research

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Cesar Ramos
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Hey All,

I've worked with various Schedule Analytics tools in the past but I feel that some functionality and capabilities are missing.  I'm on a Schedule Analytics Software Research mission to find [or develop] a good Scheduling Analytics Software.

So I'm researching for two things:

#1) Is there a good software out there that you all use? [to save some responses; I've used P6 layouts/global changes, Oracle Risk, Schedule Analyzer, XER Tool Kit, Deltek Acumen, Excel, Access, & a few others]


#2) I'm also collecting feed back for my own Schedule Analytics of my own design.  I would like to ask if you provide feedback or take my survey.  This helps me understand the user's expectations. 



Pratap Dinahar
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At Aegis, we've released Rubix which should be very beneficial to Claims. Specifically, the schedule comparison module would be invaluable. 

For more information about Rubix or a free trial, search Rubix. 

Cesar Ramos
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I didn't think they still had Lotus 123.  I used that back in 97.  I use the same; spreadsheets, Oracle, & Acumen.  I was hoping there was something out there that could do some slick comparisons.

Mike Testro
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Hi Cesar

I have been using Lotus 123 for the last 35 years and there is nothing better.

Best regards

Mike Testro

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