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A bit of guidance needed

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Anthony Peters
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Im working on a project that has been delayed considerably, and i have been exposed to claims for the first time. With no planning manager to speak of i have a couple of questions.

The client has rejected a disruption claim as all the burned hours are not held within P6. The reason for this is that the PM a while back only wanted the manhours associated with an actual activity in the program, not all the burned hours that were not income generating (waiting around etc). The program shows the earned hours, and we have other documentation showing burned hours (timesheets etc), but the client is rejecting it unless they see the hours in P6. This seems to make sense now, and i can see the importance of putting all burned hours as actual hours in P6. My question however is - is the client being resonable? I see nothing in the contract that shows specifcally methods for providing the back up of claims. We have got the evidence, just not in the format they want it?

My second question is that they want me to resubmit a new programme, with new sequencing/dates etc. I didnt do the original programme, the planner who did it left. And the budget manhours, which forms the contract shedule on the original programme was wrong, wrong hours per day etc. Upon resequencing the programme i have corrected the  budget manhours for non-started activities, but noted that if i just changed the non-started and not the completed that would lead to an inaccurate progress measurement (as manhours are used for progress). Therefore can i ammend the budget for completed activities with the new submission? This would effectively slightly change the earned hours.

I am just after suggestions of best practice, any help appreciated.


Mike Testro
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Hi Anthony

Delay and disruption each need a different approach to establish entitlement to money.

To establish extension of time for delay you have to show cause and effect for each delay event individually.

Events that cause disruption need not be the same as those that caused delay but they still have to show direct cause and effect of each event on the value of the disrupted work.

You may have a bucket of data showing the total down time but it has to be allocated to each event that caused the disruption - otherwise you are presenting a global claim which will fail in the UK.

Best regards

Mike Testro