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MasterClass in Construction Delay Claims in HK No

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Andrew Ng
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Dear Forum Participants and Guests,

I have been informed that some siginificant number of participants have signed up as Early Birds for the said event in Central Convention Centre in Hong Kong, from 8 to 9 November 2004.

I am one of them and I guess that the number of participants would hit 100 in November.

Just Wonder if any of the Speakers and Participants of the said event are from Planning Planet or are active in this Forum.

Please advise whether there are any other venues or opportunities to meet socially outside of the official timetable, since I am from Malaysia but stationed in Taiwan for the last few years and having no one I know of outside of JR Knowles in Hong Kong.

Any takers? Pls email me.

Best Regards

Andrew Huang


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I cannot join the event.