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Disruption Calculation

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Mike Testro
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Disrupting calculation.

I have developed a new method by calculating the value of disruption in construction projects.

The technique has nothing to do with a “measured mile” nor does it deduct the tender cost from the actual cost. Cost.

Instead it compares the value of an “efficiency factor” placed in the as planned baseline with that resulting from the delayed programme.

It is both plausible and simple to create such that even a judge could understand it.

I have prepared different modules for both Main contractors and Subcontractors because the technique is different in each case.

The document is based on Ast’s a PowerProject software but people who may be more familiar with P6 or Microsoft project software than the steps that I’ve described maybe easily replicated.

The main document is in Adobe.pdf format and is copy protected because it remains my copyright.

Any interested party may be able to replicate my concept using his own software.

I am offering each module for sale at £80.00 or if you want to buy both at once it will be offered at £150.00.

My disruption concept will be most useful for practising consultants although main contractors and/or subcontractors may wish to prepare their own claims.

I will of course be able to calculate your disruption values if you so wish.

Those who wish to purchase either or both my modules please send an email to me at mwt.eda@outlook confirming order and I will send you a file as soon as your payment is in my bank account.

Mike Testro