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How to show gained revenue

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Anel Murguz
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I work as a plannner in a big construction company. 

I want to show my boss how we can save/gaive money by planning. 

I have mentioned for example that we can see in a early stage that all extra work is delaying us. And with our baseline we can visualize this and show it to the customer. Also I have showed him how, with the help of code, resources and filter, how we can display the forecast machine hours and also show the actual work. 

But my question is: Is there any way to show how me earn money by planning? For example "we saved 300 000 dollars because we planned correctly"


Please help. 


Best regards


Annamalai (Andy) ...
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Hi Anel, 

The best representation for what your trying to acheive is via a Cashflow S-Curve. Example below. (Budget vs Actual vs Forecast to Completion)

In your case the Target / Forecast to Completion cummulative value will be less than the Original budget. 

I normally export data from P6 to excel to do the analysis and display charts. 



Hope this helps!!!

Mike Testro
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Hi Anel

The way you will save money is by reducing the programme duration and thereby the site overheads.

You can allocate a site cost per day on the overall summary bar and fix it as the baseline ost.

Adjustments to the original programme will either increase or decrease the sumary bar cost which can be compared by two columns in the table.

Trying to reduce costs on each individual task bar will not work.

Best regards

Mike T.