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Screen size

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Joe Kelly
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Hi Folks,

I am considering purchasing an i-Mac to run power project.  I will partition it to run windows.  I am just wondering if the 21.5inch screen is sufficient.  I am moving into free-lance and intend transporting the machine in a trolley suitcase.



Ben Taunt
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Hi Joe,

I was recently using Powerproject on a 12 inch Windows tablet.  It worked fine - I wouldn't want to use it to setup a new project of any considerable size, but was great for showing sections of a plan or editing parts (like progress).  I even pulled up a BIM model to show a 4D sequence in Powerproject. 

I suspect the 21.5 inch screen will be fine if you only need to show Powerproject on screen, but many users run dual screens so they can have Powerproject on one, and related documents on the other.

If you're in the UK and don't want to partition the hard-drive to run Windows, you could also look at the SaaS version of Powerproject (though of course that relies on a good internet).


Ben @ Powerproject