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Delayed, but by how much?

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Dominic Planner
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Hi all, 

My project has delays and I want to quantify the delay. How do I do this, is it easy to do?

I would like to be able to put a figure forward, is there a report that can be used to demonstrate the delay?



karim farghaly
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Hi Mike

in P6 i can see the expected finish date on every update 

but, how can i see it in Asta?

Joshua Agyare
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Hi, at what stage are you in the project is it running efficient and delayed or is it delayed and not running efficient. If I can know this I will be able to help.

Mike Testro
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Hi Dominic

The delay is the difference between the current projected programme completion date and the contract completion date. It will remain an estimate until you have completed the work.

There is no standard report form but it is essential that you follow your contract rules when sending a notice of any delay. And make sure you do it in time.

Best regards

Mike T.