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Finish start links

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Sarah Smith
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I am new to planning and am trying to understand link logic and am getting very confused. I have only used finish to start links or finish to finish. Can you please tell me why have a start to finish and what does it do different to a finish to start. It seems to be the same thing to me. One task ends before another can start.


Mike Testro
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Hi Sarah

Using Finish Start links is the correct procedure for the construction industry so please continue with that method.

Other schedulers use Start Start links with a lead lag but this is a lazy approach - I have had many a debate in PP on this topic so maybe another will start up.

There is no place for a Finish Finish link unless you have to close out a SS link creating a "ladder" sequence.

A ladder is fine for a manufacturing but not much use in construction.

There is no point in Start Finish link in any programme although I have seen it used once when a construction director was using them to create an As Late As Possible sequence. When I showed him the ALAP button he changed his ways.

The only place for a FS Lead Lag is to allow for drying out or curing when the time lag must be in calendar days.

Best regards

Mike Testro