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Elapsed days

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Craig Adams
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Hello Fellow Planners,

I am filtering by critical path but seem to have some gaps!

Have found these are elapsed duration tasks - is there a reason Asta does not show these in a critical path?

Can any one tell me how to turn on so they show in path?

Kind regards,

craig Adams


Mike Testro
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Hi Craig

Tasks with elapsed days are calendar day not work days.

If an ed task ends on a weekend or the middle of a holiday the next task on a workday will start on the next work day - leaving some float and therefore losing the critical path.

I only use elapsed days for a curing or drying out lead lag lead links.

If there is no real reason why the tasks should be on an ed calendar then change it to a work calendar.

Just switching the cell fortmat to work days will not solve the problem.

I have not yet discovered a work around for this small but irritating problem.

Best regards

Mike Testro