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Transfield Services Worley Parsons Planner

START Date: 
December, 2009
2009 - Present     

Creation of production activity Work Packs base on Transfield Services ‘Turnaround Management Plan’, for plant breakdown, routine and shutdown maintenance, minor capital projects and plant support services including plant wide scaffolding and crane operations, in accordance with the overall Integrated Services Contract and principles for the benefit of Vale Inco - Goro Nickel Refinery and Transfield Services WorleyParsons Nouvelle Caledonie (TSWNC).


The responsibilities of the position include: Detail Planning - Core Requirements

• Interpret engineering drawings, schematics, specifications and installation standards.
• Inspect work site, gather site specific work methodologies, plant physical restrictions and parameters, operator and or maintenance personnel intelligence.
• Assist in the preparation of technical procedures, work instructions, equipment and systems evaluations, remedial design modifications where beneficial.
• Develop work instructions including efficient and effective work step sequencing.
• Prepare detailed labour hour, equipment & material cost estimates.
• Prepare manpower time and cost estimates for work activities.
• Prepare work activity estimated durations.
• Prepare Inspection and Test Plans.
• Identify required: Spare parts, materials, mobile plant, equipment, tools and services.
• Create a mobile equipment requisition on GNi Central Workshops via Ellipse.
• Create a spare parts and materials requisition on GNi stores via Ellipse.
• Plan and oversee material(s) release from stores to schedule & production requirements
• Review and amend existing Work Pack, Work Instructions & Estimates.
• Amend Work Pack to reflect engineering and other changes during work execution.
• Monitor production phase is in accordance with work instruction to refine future estimates.
• Provide sub-activity schedule look ahead, ensuring: Work Packs have been released, all Work Pack documents are up to date & current, Pre-manufacture items are available for installation, all Bill Of Materials are available for release to production.
• Register Work Pack in distribution and tracking data base.
• Submit Work Pack to QA team for review
• Submit Work Pack estimates to Master Scheduler for task inclusion into shutdown schedule and cost control system.
• Submit spares and materials requisitions to Logistics Coordinator to retrieve materials from stores.
• Submit completed Work Pack to Execution Team to progress.
• Produce Work Packs that include but are not limited to:
o Scope of the works.
o Work Instructions detailing the sub-activities to be performed in a sequential
o Equipment drawings, technical specification and.
o Inspection and Test Plan documents.
o Required Bill Of Materials.
o Estimated labour hours to complete the works detailed by individual trade types.
o Preliminary sub-activity gantt chart schedule including sequence of execution,
sub-activities interdependencies and logic ties to other work scopes.
o All required plant & engineering drawings, sketches, schematics, technical
procedures, OEM documents as required, quality documentation and photos are
included in the Work Pack.
• Produce Work Packs that include but are not limited to:
• Liaise with Supervisors on problems and any other important changes that may influence project activities, such as resource adjustments, equipment work schedules and the critical path.
• Recommend changes which could: Reduce cost, Increase productivity and Improve quality
• Keep the Lead Planner informed of progress and specific job problems
• Contribute to regular audits to ensure compliance to schedules and costs.
• Conduct regular on site inspections of planned work activities to gain efficiency and or operational planning improvement intelligence.
• Retrieve Work Pack on completion of the works.
• Submit to QA team to ensure all relevant documents have been accurately completed.
• Close out Work Pack in tracking system.
• Archive completed work packs.

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