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How to define Resource Productivity in Primavera P6 and create schedule

When create a schedule, we can based on Resource Productivity to estimate duration.

For example:

  • We have a team which can cast 10 m3 of concrete per day (This is Productivity)
  • We have an Foundation which take 100 m3 concrete.
  • Duration of Foundation activity will be  100 / 10 = 10 days

Now we will do it in Primavera.

Supposed that we have a schedule like below picture:

How to quickly identify Behind Schedule and Over Budget activity by Indicator UDF in Primavera P6

In Primavera P6, we can quickly identify behind schedule and over budget activity by using graphical indicator in User Defined Field.

I will show you how to do it.

Supposed that we have a project which has baseline. After update progress, we can show these column the see whether an activity is behind schedule:

How to assign resource / resource loading / make resource plan in Primavera P6

In Primavera P6, after finish creating the schedule, you may need to assign resource to activity to make the resource plan.

I will show you how to do it.

Let say you have a schedule like in below picture:

How Early and Late date are calculated in Start to Start relationship in Primavera P6

In Finish to Start relationship, Primavera calculate Early and Late date base on 2 process

How is the Y-Axis scale determined in the Resource/Activity Usage Profile

In Primavera when we show Resource Usage Profile or Activity Usage Profile, the max value in Y-Axis is determined by software. And we may wonder how is it determined.

How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6

In a project plan beside the Start and Finish date of activity, we also need to know When we need resource, and How many resource we need.

I will show you how to do it.

How to perform Impacted As-Planned Delay Analysis in Primavera P6

The Impacted As-Planned method measures the impact of the delays on the as-planned schedule. The delays are formulated as activities and added to the as-planned schedule showing the effect of each delay and demonstrating how the project is being delayed. The amount of delay equals the difference in completion dates between the schedules before and after the impacts.

How to perform Time Impact Analysis / Window Analysis in Primavera P6

A Time Impact Analysis is a method used to determine extent of impact from potential delay in construction process. This schedule analysis method involves the insertion or addition of activities indicating delays or changes into an updated schedule representing progress up to the point when a delay event occurred to determine the impact of those delay activities.

Create P6 resources dictionary using excel without using SDK

The SDK (Software Development Kit) is an awesome tool that allow P6 database to connect to excel and exchange information in order to create the schedule using excel. But sometimes the SDK is not installed on the Primavera machine and the scheduler doesn’t have the privilege to install it or the resource sheet in the SDK is not working with P6 version that the scheduler has. In this article I will show you how to create the resources dictionary using excel and without the need to use the SDK or XER Parser tool.


How to update Baseline in Primavera P6

Baseline is something we usually do not change. However in some case we need to change it.

I will show you how to do it.

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