The EASIEST and FASTEST way to create Time Location charts for Linear Projects

  • Works with your existing project data (e.g. P6 or MS Project)
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Time Location charts are a visual method of representing project schedules for linear infrastructure construction projects such as tunnels, railways, roadways, transmission networks, pipelines and high-rise buildings
Review production rates, sequencing and conflicts of work, resourcing and physical access constraints – all on a single page. A single chart can replace thousands of lines and multiple pages of a traditional Gantt chart and engage with a wider audience.

Turbo-Chart uses your existing schedule dates to create the chart. Its simple import process allows you to create new charts, or re-sync existing ones with your updated schedule in seconds.

Customise the shapes and layout, then annotate your chart with text and graphics for maximum effect



Use your existing scheduling tool (like P6 or MSP, or even Excel)

  • We use the dates from your current scheduling software to draw the chart – meaning there is only one version of the truth AND there is no need to learn another way to plan and schedule.
  • By leveraging the tools you are already using, there is minimal training is required and the process is simpler overall.

Easy to Learn, Fast to Use

  • Our simple process means charts can be produced faster, allowing you to focus on planning and scheduling your project
  • For the ultimate flexibility you can even create or update your charts directly by copying and pasting data from any spreadsheet ready tool like Ms Excel.

Re-sync your data at any time

  • Our unique re-sync feature means you can modify your schedule and see the changes on your chart instantly
  • Using two screens you can make changes to schedule on one screen and see results in Turbo-Chart on the other 

Multiple datasets and multiple charts in one file

  • Multiple data sets allow you to compare different scenarios on the same chart. eg. Planned vs Actula, or Baseline vs P50 Risk Adjusted
  • And a single Turbo-Chart file can even include multiple charts from the same set of data Eg. One a high level summary chart and a separate detailed chart for stations, bridges or intersections

Chart Features

  • Customise your shape library with unlimited colours and fill styles, reuse libraries across projects
  • Show location on X or Y axis – rotate chart or reverse axes as required, suitable for high-rise vertical buildings
  • Add date and location highlighters to mark important sextions of the plan
  • Annotate your chart further with text and images to highlight special points of interest


Create Time Location charts in four simple steps



Linear Project Software develops tools for owner and contractor organisations to visualise and improve their linear project scheduling outcomes, through the benefits of Time Location charting.

Turbo-Chart has been developed from over 20years industry experience and knowledge in Infrastructure & Engineering Construction and Project Management software development.

Website: http://www.turbo-chart.com

Email: support@linearprojectsoftware.com

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