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Who we are

Founded in 1997, Safran is a focused company of experienced project and system design professionals passionate about developing and supporting project planning and management applications. For more than 20 years Safran has provided its products and planning services in support of the world’s most demanding projects, with a particular focus on Risk management – and in supporting SAP customers and their complementary use of Project Systems.  We have earned an excellent reputation and are highly rated for our software solutions and services.



Our 20-year cumulative know-how, experience and track record has been earned from supporting planning, scheduling and project management disciplines for many global clients. While pre-eminent in the supply of core scheduling and planning tools, Safran also has a particular focus on Risk management, with a world leading application replacing many of the older legacy tools available.  This focus gives us true relevance to any organisations seeking to optimise complex projects in any industrial sector.

Safran technology has been particularly recognized by SAP, who actively sponsor us into those customers needing support for PS in the optimisation of complex manufacturing and production schedules.

This experience is a solid foundation. It ensures that we, in cooperation with our customers, are able to continuously develop our software effectively.

Our products

From day one it has been our ambition to match customers’ needs and business priorities through a continuous development of our products. Our door is always open to any customers wishing to engage with our development and marketing staff.  We have been fortunate in having some of the most prestigious and challenging customers as guides and advisors.  Many of the new features that continuously have been added to our products arise from customer, end user requests and feedback. Good software should be developed closely with those who benefit from using it. We believe that software should make life easier - not more complex...

SAFRAN PROJECT Comprehensive project management, planning and control, with integrated reporting and embedded schedule risk analysis.Read more...
SAFRAN RISK Powerful and intuitive schedule and cost risk analysis for complex projects.Read more...

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